Technical Meeting/Training on the sustainability of the Gamma Irradiation Facility(GIF)

The Gamma Irradiation Facility(GIF) is already receiving attention to make it function at its optimal level. This was contained in a speech by the Director NTC Dr Hamman Tukur Gabdo at the technical meeting/training on the sustainability of the Gamma Irradiation Facility(GIF) operations, maintenance and management holding at the conference hall of the GIF, NTC Sheda.

The director NTC charge participants to make important contributions that will tackle the challenges facing the GIF in line with mordern and current solutions and realities. In his opening address, the Deputy director/Head of GIF Engineer TK Mustapha gave an overview on the various applications and  sustainable ways to manage the GIF and facilities with ionization radiation and its protection.

The two-day meeting which started today 15th March, 2023 will among other topics discuss the importance of surveillance in a nuclear facility presented by Dr Anomah from the University Teaching Hospital Gwagwalada likewise the role of radiation safety advisers in sustainability of operations, maintenance and management of Gamma Irradiation Facility.