IAEA to Assist Nigeria on Nuclear and Radiological Education and Training

IAEA to Assist Nigeria on  Nuclear and Radiological Education and Training: The major constraints faced by most countries initiating or implementing their nuclear energy programme is minimal resources, both human and capital devoted to developing their nuclear education and training programmes. Thus the application of nuclear or radiological technologies for socioeconomic development is hinged on the availability of a comprehensive and sustainable nuclear education and training programme. Consequently, NAEC in collaboration with the IAEA is organising a one week  programme    towards bridging the knowledge gap through the IAEA’s Nuclear Knowledge Management visitation programme to assist nuclear and Radiological training providers. The programme which is being attended by major stakeholders  was declared opened by Prof. Yusuf Ahmed,Chm/CEO  and is aimed at providing detailed evaluation on the current capabilities and strategic planning for short, medium and long-term development. The IAEA visit was led by Mr. John Roberts who informed participants that the visit will try to have a comprehensive coverage of nuclear projects in Nigeria, discuss how to attract personnel in the nuclear industry,maintain their interest and utilize them in the various projects across the country as well as provide advise for better implementation.  The programme ends on 16th September,2022.