The NAEC Library is being repositioned to support research activities in the Commission through the provision of access to quality information resources either in print or electronic formats. The responsibility of the Library Unit is to ensure that staff/users have access to the most current and comprehensive materials that are selected, organized, preserved and disseminated to its users promptly. The Library Unit has recently received from the Chairman/CEO another collection of information resources for the NAEC Library.

To this end please be informed that the Commission’s library has vast information resources to study and conduct research for professional and personal use and to contribute to the fulfilment of NAEC mandate. Staff are also encouraged to donate and/or submit relevant materials to the library that will enhance  research by NAEC staff and the public.

The following information resources are available in the library:

Nuclear Power

Nuclear Technology

Nuclear Energy

Waste Management

CTBTO materials

Nuclear Law/Acts

Reports on Nuclear Power

Public Service Rules and Financial Regulations

Journals, etc.

The library will keep staff updated on materials at its disposal periodically.

Ateboh Oyintare

Head,NAEC Library